A Powerful Coaching Programme Using SOIF

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
- R. Buckminster Fuller

The coaching/personal consultation I offer is all about your personal and professional evolution.

The work is about transforming your understanding of key aspects of life (and self) so as you can meet the world and engage with it as a creator. This means going beyond merely reacting to and trying to micromanage the circumstances of life (one-thing-after-another) and stepping into a position where you can 'work with the flow' to create an enriching and fulfilling life for both yourself and those you steward (family, friends, colleagues, employees etc.).

Each coaching consultation is a conversation between two intelligent systems - together we will explore your current behaviours and habitual results and how they connect with the deep unconscious assumptions that drive them. Out of this exploration emerge new ways of seeing, new ways of being and new ways of doing.


We are living in transitional times. Increasing number of our workforce is now self-employed individuals carving out their destiny as captains of their own ships in changing technological, cultural and economic waters. And for those who remain in traditional employment, the game is changing fast - stay fresh and ahead of the curve or get wiped out. We all need to find our own ways to create unique value and to connect it with the world... and ensure that our needs are met in terms of health, wealth and relationships as we do so. This is the way the economy and culture are moving.

Through my work I've seen people transforming their lives and waking up to new possibilities and ways of being on multiple levels. I've seen 'worker zombies' transforming themselves into business creators, shaping their own destinies. Musicians and performers overcome limitations that have held them back. Professionals of all sorts transcend procrastination and fear of failure. And all manner of people transcend all manner of perceived limitations.

There is a 'hidden curriculum' to these transitional times... new demands upon us in terms of how we must engage if we are to fully participate and thrive. If you are already feeling this and are looking to get yourself ahead of the curve, please do contact me on and let me know something of where you and what it is you are looking to create, transform or achieve.


This work is about meaningful personal evolution and real-world results. It is for those who understand that they can learn, change and grow in profound ways and who are willing to immerse themselves fully in that process.

To work with me in a coaching context, commitment to your personal evolution is a requirement, along with a readiness to alter your behaviors, actions, attitudes and mindsets as needed in order to get the results that you desire:

ü  Commitment to your personal evolution
ü  Readiness to alter behaviors, actions, attitudes and mindsets

With these in place, you are powerful and coaching is powerful - switch on, take charge, engage fully and apply what you learn and your life will transform.

Every coaching session/consultation is a conversation between two intelligent systems (you and I) and within that context I will be showing up 100% committed to your success and personal evolution. With this work my heart and focus will be with serving you and not necessarily pleasing you. What you do with that and how you engage with it is your side of the business.

This work is for those who know they intend to make good use of it. As such commitment is a prerequisite upon commencement. There are no refunds available should you - for whatever reason - choose to quit.


In the main I offer Coaching and Personal Development programme as follows:

Ø  Corporate Coaching
Ø  Group Coaching
Ø  One-to-one Coaching

Fees for programmes will vary depending upon duration, intensity and format details.

More importantly, in addition to the fee, you will also be investing your time, energy and commitment to creating a transformation in your life or a result that is truly worthwhile - this is what this work is all about.


To inquire about working with me, please email me at

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